Tuscany Elopement

About two months ago my wife and I decided to put our Toronto lives on hold and take off to Europe for 5 weeks. We both agreed that we needed to visit Tuscany and we both absolutely love the countryside. It ws also on my bucket list to photograph a Tuscany elopement.  As we started to plan and book our locations, I started posting the dates on social media. I am a firm believer in putting things out to the world because you never know what will come of it! By doing this I was approached by Mel, a Toronto makeup artist who was going to be in Tuscany the same time I was. We chatted, planned and discussed how we could make their Tuscany Elopement happen. We had plans to shoot in Florence but when I showed up to my Air BnB in the Tuscan hills, I changed all the plans. Nothing couple beat the sun setting over the hills full of olive trees and grape vine fields. I drove into Florence, picked them up and we spent the evening chasing light through olive trees in the Tuscan hills. It was a dream that came true and I will never forget it!

My wife and I are planning to head back to Tuscany to enjoy more wine and food in the coming year! If you are planning a Tuscany Elopement, send me an email and we can chat! We can shoot a couple session prior to your wedding or Tuscany Elopement to get to know each other and have an excuse to explore more of the Tuscan hills!  Travelling for weddings is a passion of mine and it keeps my mind engaged and inspired! I would absolutely love to photograph your Tuscany Elopement or intimate wedding! I look forward to hearing from you!

Dress – Maureen Patricia

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