Jay & Arianne’s Kortright Centre Wedding

These two are special. They had such a beautiful Kortright Centre wedding. When I met with Jay and Arianne they expressed their wants and desires for their wedding. They wanted it to be small, intimate and they wanted to spend as much time together as possible! So they spent the whole day together and made it about them. We were able to just take our time with photos and really go on an adventure. Following the first look we just walked around the Kortright Centre wedding property and explored. We explored deep into the forest and then made our way out to some large farm fields. It was quiet and they were alone… The most perfect setting to photograph couple portraits in!  It was so lovely to just not worry about a time line and be in the moment. This low key wedding was a perfect example of their personalities and I loved that. I find that weddings that reflect the couples personalities are the most honest and beautiful to photograph.

This was my first time I had shot a Kortright Centre wedding. I absolutely loved the space and surroundings. It made you feel like you got away from the hustle of life. They had the ceremony in the forest under massive draping trees.  I loved the fact that they decided not to have a bridal party and just have their family be their witnesses for the ceremony. The perfect intimate setting. The reception area was in a beautiful little green house filled with string lights. It was the perfect setting to enjoy dinner, listen to speeches and dance the night away. I had so much fun and can’t wait to photograph there again. The whole day was just a breeze and I am so happy I got the opportunity to photograph this wedding. Thanks guys!

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