Kawartha Engagement Session

It was so awesome to head up north to cottage country for a Kawartha engagement session. I never know what I am getting myself into when I do engagement sessions. I guess that is part of the fun! When My GPS told me I had arrived, I was standing at the edge of a dock looking around. I then saw Stephen and Sarah; we said our hellos and then proceeded to get in a boat to take off for his cottage. To my surprise we docked on an Island in the middle of the lake with a cottage hidden in the middle of it. I was on cloud nine! I had full access to the island to shoot wherever I wanted. It was amazing.

As the day went by and I waited for the sun to go down we occupied ourselves with┬ásome drinks and swimming. Perfect way to spend a weekend. The evening came upon us and we started our shoot. I have never witnessed a couple so comfortable with each other in front of the camera. It was so amazing to walk around the island, set them up in nice light and watch them interact. It was beautiful. I kept turning around to my wife and giving her the wide-eyed “this is so good” look. We kept things natural and fun and ended with a canoe and a late night swim.

It was perfect.

Quote of the weekend “HOLY SHIT TJ… You should get paid for this” – Sarah (I am thinking of putting that on my home page…)

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