Georgian Bay Intimate Wedding

Being a wedding photographer is quite an intimate job. You are joining in on someones most important day and I try to never forget that! At the beginning of September I got the opportunity to spend the whole week with Brian & Courtney at their Georgian Bay Intimate Wedding . They rented a cottage and decided to get married in front of their family and closest friends. It was so beautiful and I was so pumped to join in with them and document it for them. We listened to music and drank into the wee hours of the mornings. We had amazing conversation and a killer time whipping around on the jet ski. It was a week and wedding that goes down in the books and I don’t think I will ever forget it. Courtney took some time to talk about her vision and why she had a Georgian Bay intimate wedding.

“When my husband and I first got engaged, we knew right away that we were going to have an intimate wedding. We wanted the day to be completely about us and to be surrounded by our family and closest friends. We wanted it to be about the love that we share, our commitment to one another, and our decision to spend the rest of our lives together.

We chose to have a beautiful Georgian Bay intimate wedding and exchange our vows by the lake. Some of our favourite memories that we have shared over the years have been on Georgian Bay, so we thought there was no better place to tie the knot. We pictured a simple ceremony followed by an intimate dinner and dancing under the moonlight. This is exactly what happened and it exceeded all of our expectations. It was truly more perfect than either one of us could have envisioned.

Although I am a planner at heart, I couldn’t imagine putting all the pressure on myself to plan a traditional wedding. I am a worrier, and I over think everything. Who would sit with whom at our guest tables? What type of floral arrangements would I choose? What if it rained on our outdoor ceremony? It all seemed very overwhelming, and so it only took us a matter of days to decide that we wanted to keep it as simple as possible. We just followed our vision, made decisions that felt right in our hearts, and we ended up with an absolute dream come true.”


This experience has made me really love small intimate weddings and what they stand for. If you are thinking of going this route please shoot me an email because I would absolutely love to be a part of it!

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